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How to get the Best Sound Out of Speakers

Is there anything worse than bad quality sound? There’s something about it that gets under the skin and makes us cringe in discomfort. The signature “tinny” sound that comes from speakers that aren’t quite up to scratch is unmistakeable and can completely change our experience of listening to music or watching a movie.


While nothing will beat top quality speakers, there are a couple of key pointers for getting better sound from your current home system.


Improve your Room Acoustics.

Where you have your speakers and home theatre setup positioned can completely change what comes out of them. Additionally, adjusting the way sound is reflected off harder surfaces and absorbed by softer ones can make all the difference when it comes to getting good sound from speakers, regardless of the quality of them. You only have to put a speaker outside in an open space to realise that sound quality is diminished when there are no boundaries to add reflections. With the right positioning, movie dialogue and music can sound louder and fuller than they would otherwise from any speaker.


Tweak the Quality Settings on your Streaming Service or Computer.

Sometimes it’s not the speaker itself that needs adjusting. Default settings on both streaming and download services are not always the highest quality available. You can easily adjust this by playing with the quality settings within whatever service you are using to optimise the sound quality from your home speaker system.


Create a Dedicated Listening Space.

The purists will know that speakers were designed to give their best when they’re not competing with lots of other things in a room. For the ultimate in sound quality, nothing beats a dedicated space specifically for listening to music or watching movies. For those of you who may have a spare room that’s just sitting there collecting dust, consider converting it into a home cinema or media room.


While all of these things will help you get the best out of your speakers, nothing beats the expertise of professionals (like us) who will come in and do what we do best. If you’re really wanting the best out of your speaker system, give us a call today.

Matt Falicz

Matt Falicz is the director of AV Total Solutions and has been providing his clients with quality home automation and audio-visual solutions for the last 15 years.

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